Reinsman Orthopedic Pad with Nitro Gel Bars (36400)

Reinsman Orthopedic Pad with Nitro Gel Bars (36400)

Reinsman Equestrian Products Inc.

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Reinsman’s Orthopedic Felt Gel Pad is designed with the highest grade felt available to provide pure comfort against the horse. Orthopedic felt fibers are smaller in diameter which allows them to be more durable and have a consistency that resembles the luxurious softness of cashmere. Inside the pad’s saddle tree bar area from front to back is NITRO-GEL for an additional layer of maximum shock protection and increase your horse’s comfort. It’s long lasting – you never have to worry about it popping. This revolutionary NITRO-GEL won’t break down, pop, or freeze!

Reinsman uses heavy oiled grain out leathers which result in less cracking and drying out. It’s ideal for all-around high-performance and ranch use.

Size: 32" x 32" x 1"