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The ORIGINAL by SleekEZ® (Small) is a 2.5-inch tool perfect for small animals including rabbits and cats. Quickly removes shedding hair from your pet like no other. You will be amazed. Cat and rabbits love it.  All animals love the massage-type effect!

The ORIGINAL by SleekEZ® (Medium) is the #1 best seller. NOTHING works better than their simple tool to remove shedding hair, dirt and dander not only from pets but also from furniture, pet bedding, saddle pads, autos and carpeting. Works on any animal year round for removing all expired hair.

The ORIGINAL by SleekEZ® (Large) is favored among horse and livestock owners.  The 10" tool is meant to be used with two hands to quickly deshed large animals* year round. During heavy shedding season no other tool on the market works as well to naturally deshed, and fast.

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