Dutton Chain Bit with Calvary Shank (O7-CHAIN)

Dutton Chain Bit with Calvary Shank (O7-CHAIN)

Dutton Bits

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Dutton Bits has been a trusted name in the industry since they started creating hand crafted bits. They build their bits with you and your equine athlete in mind. This is their Calvary Shank Chain Bit. This bit is a very interesting bit. The chain mouthpiece disperses even pressure over the whole tongue  wile the copper rollers reduce stress and encourage salivation. The Calvary Shank measures 8″ long. Greg Dutton is famous for his calvary shank. The curve is toward the riders hand, so this cheek provides an excellent feel and allows for a quick response. The Traditional Calvary shank helps to keep the horse from grabbing the shank and playing with it.

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